Mineral Based Sunscreen – Safe For You & Our Oceans

Your skin is your largest organ, so just as keeping nutrition in mind with your food intake, it’s important that we choose the best ingredients with our skincare.

Sunscreen has long played a major role in most people’s sun protection regimes– however many study results are emerging about the harmful ingredients contained in some sunscreens & what they can do to our ocean’s reef life … and ultimately our bodies.

Not only is it vital that we nourish and safeguard our skin (especially over the summer season), it’s also necessary to be mindful of our precious oceans and to choose a sunscreen that can protect both us and marine life. There is now strong evidence that mainstream sunscreens can contain many harmful and toxic ingredients, such as parabens and oxybenzones, which have been linked to coral bleaching and hormone disruption.

With Hawaii being one of the first countries to look at banning non-mineral based sunscreens from popular beach areas – the message is starting to get out there about the effects certain chemically produced ingredients can do to our world.

Last year – Flannerys was proud to lead the way in showcasing some of THE BEST mineral-based sunscreens we could find. Mineral sunscreens (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based) work to deflect and block the sun’s rays whilst chemical based sunscreens (Oxybenzone Octinoxate etc) absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays – therefore leaching these chemicals into our skin. [reference]

Results from studies are now showing that these types of chemicals play a role in killing the larvae of coral + are found in human hormone levels. Affects estrogen, which is particularly worrisome with pregnancy or in the young. [reference]

Unfortunately, these carbon-based chemicals are commonly found in sunscreens; but you won’t find them in the sunscreens in our stores. We support mineral-based sunscreens that are better for you and the ocean.

We’d like to share with you some practical support you on selecting the best sunscreens that minimize the potential for harm to you and your family’s skin, as well as our oceans. There are some wonderful chemical-free, organic, screening options available, so no need to forgo sunscreen use in an effort to protect corals…we are your go to place to support your skin health.

mineral sunscreen

Eco Natural Sunscreen SPF 30+ Body
  • Active ingredient: zinc oxide (mineral based)
  • Free from: chemical UV absorbers
  • Contains grapeseed oil, beeswax, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, cucumber fruit extract*, rosehip seed oil*, green tea leaf extract*
  • UVA + UVB protection
Little Urchin Natural Sunscreen SPF 30
  • Active ingredient: zinc oxide (mineral based)
  • Contains *green tea extract, *cucumber extract, *rosehip extract
  • UVA + UVB broad spectrum protection
  • Fragrance and preservative free

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Eco Natural Sunscreen SPF 30+ Face
  • Active ingredient: zinc oxide (mineral based)
  • Contains: cucumber fruit extract*, rosehip seed oil*, green tea leaf extract*
  • Make-up friendly and non-whitening
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No chemical UV absorbers
Wotnot SPF 30 Anti-aging Facial Sunscreen and Primer
  • Active ingredient: zinc oxide (mineral based)
  • Contains galactoarabinan (plant collagen) to help improve the appearance of fine lines, jojoba oil, aloe vera*, green tea extract
  • Free from: chemical UV absorbers, PEGS, parabens, artificial fragrance
  • UVA + UVB broad spectrum protection

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MooGoo Natural Sunscreen SPF 40
  • Active ingredient: high amount of zinc oxide (mineral based),
  • Contains: jojoba oil, galactoarabinan (plant collagen) to help improve the appearance of fine lines, beeswax
  • Free from: paraffin, parabens, chemical UV absorbers
  • For adults and children
  • Suitable for those sensitive to UV filters

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Wotnot 30 SPF Natural Sunscreen
  • Active ingredient: zinc oxide (mineral based)
  • Contains: beeswax, aloe vera*, vitamin E, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, shea butter
  • Free from: GMOs, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and fragrances, gluten, titanium dioxide, chemical UV absorbers
  • Ideal for those with sensitive skin
  • UVA + UVB broad spectrum protection

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  • Oxybenzone
  • Octinoxate
  • Butylparaben
  • 4MBC

Don’t forget! Check the use by date before buying sunscreen.

Disclaimer: use only as directed. Remember to always be sun smart: slip, slop, slap, seek, slide!

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