WIN your very own Infrared Sauna!

This October, we’ve partnered with Sunstream Infrared Saunas to bring you the ultimate prize valid over $5,000! 

Prize contains: 1x Evolve 10 EHS at home Infrared Sauna with 360-degree full-body coverage!

The Evolve 10 EHS Sun Stream home infrared sauna features industry-first complete 360 Degree Infrared Body Coverage. Offering superior immersion in Infrared radiant heat with one of the large Nano-Carbon heater panels centred directly in front of you on the glass door. Surrounding you in 360 degrees with Ultra-Low EMF & ELF heaters, projecting more radiant heat on your body for a faster & heavier sweat!

Why we love Infrared Saunas:

Achieving good health in a world full of toxins has become a daily challenge for all humans. An infrared sauna can be one of the best ways to release toxins, increase circulation and maintain a healthy body.

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas offer careful consideration to all aspects of construction – to ensure that a maximum amount of infrared radiant heat is delivered to your body in a healthy non-toxic sauna environment.

Sun Stream’s Evolve 360 saunas envelop you in a complete 360-degree radius with low EMF/ELF carbon panel heaters including front door-mounted heaters delivering more infrared to your body.

Additionally, they are built with 100% solid woods (Canadian Hemlock or hardwood Basswood) with absolutely NO plywood and NO particleboard and use brand-name ‘Titebond’ wood glues, meeting the FDA criteria for food contact safety in the US.

Why Choose an Infrared Sauna Over a Traditional one?

A sauna is any system of heat that has the intention of making people sweat. Traditional saunas contain only one heat source which heats the air in the room. Far infrared saunas work by warming your body directly as it naturally absorbs the heat through the moisture in the skin and is drawn in deeper through conduction to the muscles, to induce a deep and heavy sweat.

There are numerous proven health benefits associated with infrared saunas, including skin rejuvenation, relief for aches and pains, arthritic conditions, detoxification, better circulation, weight loss, improved immunity, and more.

Raising the temperature of your body could help to boost your immunity and eliminate any infections & bacteria, especially if you have been under the weather.

Sweating it out can assist the body with its natural detoxification, cleansing your body from the inside out. Ridding your body of accumulated toxins can reduce fatigue, improve energy levels & circulation, cleanse the skin & even promote weight loss.

For more information on health benefits, click here

Prize on Offer:

1 Person 360 degree Far Infrared Sauna
Near Zero EF/ELF Electric Fields
All Adjustable Infrared Intensity
Water Base Exterior Lacquer
Bluetooth Receiver & Audio Cord Connection with Kenwood Speakers
Ultra Low EMF ‘Nano Carbon Heaters’
‘Titebond’ Made in USA Food Safe Glue
LCD Internal Control Panel
High Power LED Chromotherapy

External: External: 876 W x 965 D x 1880 H Internal: 816 W x 865 D x 1755 H
Electrical Specifications:
The Evolve 10 plugs into any standard 220-240 Volt wall outlet
7.35 Amp, 240 Volt, 1710 Watts
Electrically certified to AS/NZS 60335.1:2011

*Must be a Fundies member, sign up for free today. Valid between 1st – 31st October 2021. 1 x Winner drawn across the store network on 01.11.21 & contacted by phone or email. Prize not redeemable for cash. However, you can work with the team at Sunstream Saunas to upgrade to an alternative sauna option, including 2 person sauna.
Sauna will be delivered directly to you.

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